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KontrSex Neo tablets for female cats and dogs

KontrSex Neo tablets for female cats and dogs

Everything is under control!

Description and action

KontrSex Neo is an affordable and safe drug for control sexual heat in female cats and dogs

  • Delay and interruption of estrus
  • Correction of unwanted behavior
  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancy

Hunt is under control

Use KontrSex Neo for complete control of your pet's sexual hunt. This control is provided due to the composition of the drug. KontrSex Neo was developed on the base of two synthetic analogs of natural sex hormones.

Convenient for control of hunt

KontrSex Neo is available in the form of drops which is the most convenient form for use in animals.

Control and safety

Safety for the pet in the drug use is provided by its composition. It includes two analogues of natural sex hormones.

Due to the fact that there are two hormones, the concentration of active substances in KontrSex Neo is reduced tenfold in comparison with drugs containing only one hormone. This is the base of the maximum effect of KontrSex Neo with the minimal exposure to the pet's organism.

The principle of the action

KontrSex Neo contains gestagen, acetobumedon, which blocks in the hypothalamus the mediobasal zones producing gonadoliberin (gonadotropin-releasing hormone), and this hormone is the trigger for the secretion by the pituitary gonadotropins of follicle-stimulating (FSH) and luteinizing (LH) hormones, responsible for the development of follicles and ovules in the ovaries. Estrogen, ethinylestradiol in combination with acetoboumedone, enhances the contraceptive effect by changing the biological properties of the vaginal mucus, the viscosity of the cervix, which inhibits sperm motility, and changes in the uterine endometrium prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg.

Composition of the drug

Acetobumedon, Ethinylestradiol.


KontrSex Neo drops for female cats and dogs is contraindicated for use in young pets during the first estrus because of the difficulty in determining the time of the beginning of heat. KontrSex Neo is contraindicated in animals who are not sexually mature; pregnant and lactating female cats and dogs, and also in neoplasms of the mammary glands and genital system. It is contraindicated in female cats and dogs in urolithiasis, diabetes mellitus and in the case of individual

Drug form


Period of validity

The period of validity of the drug under storage conditions is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Storage conditions

The drug is stored in the manufacturer’s packaging in a dry place, protected from light and direct sunlight, away from Foods and Feeds. Storage temperature: from 0° C to 25° C.

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