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KontrSex Neo. Everything is under control.

Everything is under control!

Description and action

KontrSex Neo is affordable and safe drug intended for estrus control in female and male cats and dogs.

For female cats and dogs

  • Delay and interruption of estrus
  • Correction of unwanted behavior
  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancy

For male cats and dogs

  • Correction of aggressive behavior, antisocial behavior (marking the territory)

Convenient for control of hunt

KontrSex Neo is available in the form of drops which is the most convenient form for use by animals. The drug is also available in the tablet form.

Hunt is under control

Use KontrSex Neo for complete control of your pet's sexual hunt. This control is provided due to the composition of the drug. KontrSex Neo was developed on the base of two synthetic analogs of natural sex hormones.

Control and safety

Safety for the pet in the drug use is provided by its composition. It includes two analogs of natural sex hormones. Due to the fact that there are two hormones, the concentration of active substances in KontrSex Neo is reduced tenfold in comparison with drugs containing only one hormone. This is the secret of the maximum effect of KontrSex Neo with the minimal exposure to the pet's organism.

KontrSex Neo is a biohormonal contraceptive drug.

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Svetlana Gireva

I used KontrSex Neo for my dog (Shar Pei breed) 3 times to calm her down during estrus. The drug did its job very well, there are no complaints about the quality. After administration, the dog's behavior is corrected, it becomes more restrained and affectionate.


In my kennel (breeding Caucasian Shepherd Dogs) I use KontrSex Neo to calm males (4 males). The animals do not have health problems; they are regularly examined by a veterinary specialist. Calmness is observed in a few hours after using the drops. It’s a convenient and high quality product. I advise you to use it.