Veterinary Drugs Sales



Veterinary Drugs Sales

Consultations of the veterinarian

Pushilin Ivan Evgen’evich,

a veterinarian of the Innovative Enterprise Astrapharm,

answers the questions of the visitors from the website portal

Frequently asked questions

Consult the veterinarian

Consult online the veterinarian of the Innovative Enterprise Astrapharm and take care of the pet's health correctly. We work for those who wants to receive clear concise answers to their questions and help their pet.

The consultation goes as follows: you fill out a form with a question on the website and send the question. Within 8-48 hours you receive a specialist's response by e-mail, which you specified when filling out the form.

We help you when you need

  • Consultation on general issues of animal care and their keeping (nutrition, vaccination, pregnancy)
  • Consultation on the protection of the animal from parasites and regulation of sexual hunting
  • Assistance in the selection of dosage and frequency of Innovative Enterprise Astrapharm medications

Refuse an online consultation if

The pet has lethargy, depression, excessive salivation, trauma or prolonged labor. In such cases, every hour counts, and it makes no sense to expect an online consultation. It is necessary to urgently show the animal to a veterinarian at a clinic.

We do not diagnose and do not prescribe treatment – it is impossible to do this over the Internet.

Who provides the consultation?

Veterinarian Pushilin Ivan Evegen’evich has graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Skryabin in 2008.

Research interests: parasitic and infectious diseases of cats and dogs.

He works as the head of a group of veterinarians in the Innovative Enterprise Astrapharm

  • participates in scientific research;
  • participates in the organization of clinical and toxicological drug studies;
  • makes presentations at veterinary conferences and seminars throughout Russia and CIS countries;
  • advises the owners of cats and dogs, as well as veterinarians on the following issues: deworming, treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks infection, regulation of sexual hunting, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases in animals.

Ask the specialist a question